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Hawaii days

My days in hawaii wasn’t as fun as I liked them to be due to a few reasons. You might think I am asking too much but for me a vacation is all about relaxing your body, mind and get careless of your worries. So, lets just say my body was ok, my mind was half relaxed and I wasn’t careless! I was more like arguing with my mother almost on daily bases.

My perfect vacation notes:

  • Pick the right travel buddies: Don’t travel with family unless all of them your best friend. And, don’t travel alone it will make you feel like you wish someone was there with you to see all this beautiful nature. I would say travel with a soul-mate / lover or a group of close friends that will not pick on you for little things. Don’t go with a too large of a group it will get messy!
  • Relax be care free, stop worrying stop rushing! If going over to a far far country don’t be so lazy on the body and mind; and get a flight that goes straight to your destination. I would love to stop by another country on the way to see the airport. One time my mother had a choice of going to British airport vs. a stop at LA airport guess what she took? That’s right, I was whinny about that, “Mom are you serious? I would love to visit another country’s airport, they will be selling different foods, things and so much new things to look at!” My mom’s answer was, Continue reading

Out of town, have fun without me!

I will be out of town for a few days, not that it matters since I didn’t update my blog for so long with any thing new. Not that I didn’t want to… actually I was lazy also because there really isn’t anything new. I’m not kidding when i said nothing new!!! No new games, no new Anime that I watch, no new cosplay… oh I do have a new one but that’s just a home project which it won’t be shown anywhere. Over all just living my life day by day. That will be changed this week.

Going some where with a lot of sun? Don’t forget your sunblock spray / lotions. Getting a tan is nice but we don’t really need to get some skin cancer with that. Also, packed a swimsuit I just got. It’s funny how they are selling this at walmart now. Quite decent, and the style is pretty sexy. I love one piece the anime and swimsuit. Personally if i had a nice skinny waist I would go with those sexy Bikini but I’m quite meaty so I don’t feel like sucking in for hours, so one piece swimsuit for me, besides Continue reading


My first time Crossplaying at a convention

So my crossplaying virginity is taken by Sesshomaru at Amine Matsuri 2014. This will be a memory that I will never forget.  I already typed a whole page of detailed review about this experiences in my VIP blog now let’s try to conclude this and make this painless for you people! Over all the pro and con of this event in a clean list below. ~hidden, please Login or Register now ~

Pro about the convention:

  • Big Big Big: When they said it’s one of the larger conventions in the country they Continue reading

Blog updates

I’m not very happy when I found out that there is a problem with signing up to my blog. One of my friend on Facebook told me he tried to sign up and did not get a email. I took all night last night to fix this and now it is fixed. But of course something else went crazy.

Blog Update List:

  • Now signing up and email confirmation is working you will get a email right away.
  • after log in your icon will be hosted by Gravatar.com so now you will have to go over there to upload a profile picture to display here.
  • I took away private message section as well. Not that many message besides it doesn’t get you any blog points, so commenting is way better.
  • I also updated the points and ranking system page for sign up, log in, commenting, watching video and such.

~hidden, please Login or Register now ~

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Remember a title this time! The gathering, the head aches, the making, the end.

So after you saw what my armor looks like I better get in to remaking it. There are a lot of work to do!

  1. I need materials for the armor
  2. I need paint or spray paint or something to make it look metal
  3. I need to know how it’s going on to my costume so that it would stay on my shoulder with out touching it. (face palm this sounds crazy!)
  4. My certain measurements for the armor.

So with this list I was so clueless where to start…. I end up going to youtube.com to find some ideas and also asked my facebook friends what material i can use for this piece.  After a lot of head ache I Continue reading